Cem Çelebi Publication List

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  3. Epitaxial graphene contact electrode for silicon carbide based ultraviolet photodetector
    E. Kuşdemir, D. Özkendir, V. Fırat, and C. Çelebi,
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  4. Cleavage Induced Rows of Missing Atoms on ZnTe(110) Surface,
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  5. Control of the graphene growth rate on capped SiC surface under strong Si confinement,
    C. Çelebi, C. Yanık, A. G. Demirkol, and İsmet İ. Kaya,
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  6. The Effect of a SiC Cap on the Growth of Epitaxial Graphene on SiC in Ultra High Vacuum,
    C. Çelebi, C. Yanık, A. G. Demirkol, and İsmet İ. Kaya
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  7. Surface Induced Asymmetry of Acceptor Wave Functions,
    C. Çelebi, J. K. Garleff, A. M. Yakunin, A. Yu. Silov, W. Van Roy, J. -M. Tang, M. E. Flatté, and P. M. Koenraad
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  8. Spatial Distribution of a Hole Localized on Acceptor in Deformed Crystal,
    A. M. Monakhov, N. I. Sablina, N. S. Averkiev, C. Çelebi, and P. M. Koenraad
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  9. Atomically Precise Impurity Identification and Modification on the Mn Doped GaAs(110) Surface with Scanning Tunneling Microscopy,
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  11. Atomic Scale Study of the Impact of Strain and Composition of the Capping Layer on the Formation of InAs Quantum Dots,
    J. M. Ulloa, C. Çelebi, P. M. Koenraad, A. Simon, E. Gapihan, A. Letoublon, N. Bertru, I. Drouzas, D. Mowbray, M. J. Steer, and M. Hopkinson,
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  12. Cross-sectional Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study on II-VI Multilayer Structures,
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  13. Capping of InAs Quantum Dots Grown on (311)BInP Studied by Cross-sectional Scanning Tunneling Microscopy,
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    Appl. Phys. Lett.,89, 02311 (2006). (Selected for the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology)
  14. Electronic and Optical Properties of InAs/InP Quantum Dots on InP(100) and InP(311)B Substrates,
    C. Cornet, A. Schliwa, J. Even, F. Doré, C. Çelebi, A. Letoublon, E. Macé, C. Paranthoën, A. Simon, P.M. Koenraad, N. Bertru, D. Bimberg, and S. Loualaiche,
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