• The document starting with 0 contains general information, please read/try to understand this document first.
  • The document number 1 is for INTERNSHIP application purposes. It must be submitted by the student before the INTERNSHIP.
  • Document number 2 is for internship application purposes. Before the INTERNSHIP, it must be filled and APPROVED by the Departmental Internship Coordinator and the Head of the Department.
  • Documents 3 and 4 will be filled/prepared by the student during/after the internship.
  • Document number 5 must be filled in by the Firm/Internship_Place and submitted in a CLOSED ENVELOPE, signed and stamped.

An open form will not be accepted.

Documents 3, 4 and 5 must be submitted by the student until the date determined by the responsible faculty member for grade evaluation.

Otherwise, the internship will not be accepted and an unsuccessful grade will be entered.

Please also read here:


Internship Forms

0- General Information

1- Internship Petition Form

2- Internship Application Form

3- Internships Book

4- Internship Report

5- Internship Evaluation Form